10 Game Show Freak Outs That Will Make You Cringe

We love game shows. Better yet – we love people completely losing their shit on game shows. What game shows love is a big over-the-top idiot, losing complete dignity; screaming his or her head off, jumping up-and-down, and hugging complete strangers- all in an attempt to win brand new prizes. 

Usually this happens on the Price Is Right. And sometimes it happens to the actual game show host. Let’s journey on and explore as people lose their shit on TV game shows.  

Falling Into a Heap

Donetta Smith loses on the Prices Is Right when her name is called. It’s explained she had been waiting in line to be a contestant since 11pm the previous evening. She reacts by falling into a heap on the stairs in front of Drew Carey. 

Can We Please Have Quiet!

What do you do when you host a TV game show and your audience just wont shut up? You completely lose your shit and them to “Shut the fuck up!”  Result: The audience quickly shuts the fuck up. 

Puppet Boy

When Van wins – he suddenly turns into a crackhead doing a crazy puppet dance. His expression says: “I want more crack!” 

X Factor Pink Freak Out

When a singer freaks out on the X Factor after the judges give their scores – all I can say is, “Security! Can someone please call security!” 

Holy Shit!

I really don’t know what’s going on when this contestant is voted off this reality show – but I think I’ve seen this happen once before at bar time in the Meatpacking District of NY. 

Richard Dawson Needs A Nap

Cocaine is a powerful drug. Sometimes it’s the celebrities that meltdown on TV game show – take former Family Feud host Richard Dawson on Match Game 77. This was back in an era when being wasted on television was almost of the norm; and Richard drives that point home. 

Breaking Bad Contestant

Sometimes game show contestants who freak out – go on to become famous actors. Such is the case with Aaron Paul on the Price is Right. He’s so pumped up – you’d almost think that he just came out of the lab with Mr. White. 

Slow Burn Meltdown

Game show meltdowns take many forms – note this man who has the game wrapped up but can’t pronounce the word “Achilles.” Meltdown can be seen written all over this face. 

It’s Mad, Mad Mary

Watch as a women completely goes insane. I imagine she’s having some sort of form of PTSD. 

Epic Freak Out

I don’t know what is going on here- maybe it’s too much sugar – but I approve!

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