10 Wild Loopholes That Have Been Exploited For Fun And Profit

Sometimes loopholes aren’t just for big corporations to exploit; sometimes the little guy gets to use them for personal gain! That’s why these Reddit users  shared their own loopholes they found and how to use them. Warning: some of these may be of questionable legality.

1. Live By The Pizza Code: $5 Pizza For Life

“I got a flier in the mail one day from a pizza joint advertising 5 dollar large pizzas on certain days of the week with a code that was valid for another month. I’m still using the code to this day, three years later. It’s only worked at the local branch so far, but I’ve been riding that gravy train as hard as possible.”

User: Solias

With the large pizza price hovering around a national average of $10, a pizza order a week using this code could save the user around $260 a year. Yum!

2. Gumball Party

“I found a gumball machine if you turned the dial really slow it would drop the gumball, then you could dial it back just enough so the next gumball would drop into the tumbler bits, then slowly dial forward again until it drops, etc. Got about 20 of them and stopped when I realized that I really didn’t want to chew that much cheap gum…”

User: Kifenstein 

With gumballs costing upwards of 25 cents a pop, and the user acquiring 20 gumballs for the price of one; they made off with a sick savings of $5.00!

3. 2 Times The Chipotle Burrito Guts In A Bowl

“Burrito bowls contain about 2x the fillings of a standard burrito. Every Chipotle I’ve been to has been happy to give me two large tortillas to go with my bowl, so effectively 2 for the price of one (if you don’t mind wrapping your own).”

User: Moonsammy 

If we take their word on this “two for one” loophole, with Chipotle burritos coming in on average around $6.50- we are looking at a savings of… $6.50. Score!

4. Free Phone!

“Around 5 years ago I used to work as a Sales Rep at a cell phone booth. Every new smartphone that would be released, the wireless provider would usually send us a demo unit of that phone with a demo line. The demo line would have unlimited talk, text, and data but would deactivate after 2-3 months. This was so we could show customers how the phone works with all of its features.

One time we got a demo line that didn’t expire after the 2-3 months. So my manager at the time told me to use it as my work line. I didn’t want to carry two cell phones so I cancelled my personal line and used my work line as my personal too. Fast forward one year later, my manager is transferred to another store and we get a new manager. New manager has no idea about my work/personal line. I left the company 6 months later with my demo line and to this day I still use this demo line. Have not had a cell phone bill for over 5 years and counting.

TL;DR – Got a cell phone line that I have been using for free for over 5 years.”

User: Akfilmmaker

According to CBS the average American cell phone bill is around $100 a month. Therefore if this user has had free smart phone service for over 5 years.. that’s at least a savings of $6000! Can you hear me now?  

5. This One Is A Real Game Changer

“There used to be an electronics store called ‘Hastings’ where I grew up that sold both new and used electronics. They had a deal that if you traded in 3 used games of a common type (e.g. all ps2 games) you could get a brand new game for free, no strings attached, just free, any game of that system. So I would go into the store buy 3 incredibly cheap used games (bass pro hunting or whatever it was called for 5$, they had dozens) and then walk out, double back, and then trade those in for a $60 brand new game. I did this constantly for a few months while being harassed by the managers there until they stopped the promotion.”

User: iatetwogrilledcheese

So he had to spend around $15 to get a $60 game, clocking him in with a savings of $45 bucks!

6. Red Bull Will Give You Gas

“There was a deal at my local gas station where three cans of Red Bull were $7. There was simultaneously a deal where every can of Red Bull you bought got you 5c per liter off gas, up to 50 liters. Gas was $2.10 a liter at the time.

I figured out that I could buy 42 cans of Red Bull for $98, and get $105 of gas for free. I did this multiple times, and now hate Red Bull as a result.”

User: Joslo88 

OK, so the Red Bull pays for itself! Plus when the promotion is over, hopefully he tried filling his gas tank with that stuff to see if it would make the car go.

7. Rare Book Salesman

“I lived down the street from a rare book store that didn’t have a website. I would go in, take pictures of really expensive books, list them on eBay with a reserve of the cost of the book +$50 sometimes they would sell for $500 to $1000 over the price of the book.”

User: Divotus

This sounds like a great plan until someone buys a rare book on the price of rare books.

8. Bonus Tips

“Clipped ALL the Sunday “5 dollar off” coupons for the restaurant I waited tables at, every time someone payed cash, i got an extra 5 dollar tip. I made way too much money doing that.”

User Billbongers

OK, this one sounds like coupon fraud more than a “loophole” but more power to this waiter sticking it to The Man.

9. Changing Passenger Name On Airline Tickets

“I hate having a great answer too late. I coach a high school team; we recently bought airfare with Spirit airlines to take 9 students to a competition. Two of the students cancelled about a month out from the trip, and we had to replace them with two different students. Spirit airlines’ policy: no name changes. Can’t even pay a fee to change the name. The tickets are basically lost, I have to buy new tickets. Spirit’s customer service is overseas, and they plainly don’t care at all about customer service (because they don’t actually work for Spirit etc etc).

EXCEPT that Spirit airlines DOES allow passengers to correct misspellings. And these folks don’t really recognize nonsense names. So over four calls, I change the names of the cancelled students to the names of the new students, two letters at a time. No one at Spirit customer service made a note (because who would care), and no one ever notices that the “correct” names during the intermediate steps were nonsense.”

Source: The_Karma_Bandit

Sometimes when the rules are already broken, you have to fix them.

10. Beer Money Loophole

“I knew a guy in college who would use his foodstamps to buy the expensive milk with a deposit on the glass bottle it came in. He would pour the milk down the drain in the parking lot and return the glass bottles for cash. Super fucked up and unethical, but it was a loophole and he exploited the fuck out of it for beer money.”

User: Literally_hitner

Sounds like a terrible plan for beer money.


What is the best loophole you have ever exploited?

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