13 Craziest Real Super Hero “Versus” Comic Crossovers

Long before Batman was set to battle Superman, there were other, stranger comic crossovers. Even if you are not the biggest comic book fan, some of these pop culture battles will bogle your mind. I for one would want to see a feature film adaptation of Superman battling The Terminator:

1. Superman Versus The Terminator: Death to the Future #1–4

These “versus” matchups pit seemingly unrelated characters from various fictional universes against one another, but Superman being on hand to help John and Sarah Conner battle The Terminator seems epic beyond reason. A T-800 shows up in Metropolis to kill John Connor, only Superman stops him. Superman is later sucked through a time portal to the future where he must stop Skynet. Oh and Lex Luthor helped invest in Skynet back in 1999.

2. Batman Versus Predator

You thought Freddy Vs Jason was a crazy matchup? Before the Predator battled Aliens on the big screen, in 1991 DC Comics imagined The Caped Crusader going toe to toe with the Predator. Batman proves to be the ultimate warrior against the alien hunter who even attacks Commissioner Gordon.

3. Superman Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man

At this point you might be thinking how Superman gets in way too many confrontations with other superheroes. This time Lex Luthor kidnaps Louis Lane and Mary Jane and Superman blames Spiderman for some reason. The two later team up to save their girlfriends and the whole shebang ends with Clark Kent and Louis Lane going on a double date with Peter Parker and Mary Jane. Nice.

4. Batman Vs. The Incredible Hulk

This DC- Marvel cross company crossover makes sense if you don’t ask where The Avengers are. The Joker gets an enraged Hulk to fight Batman, but the Dark Knight is able to put out the Hulk by using sleeping gas. Then, as you would imagine they team up to stop The Joker. Bam!

5. Superman And The Masters of the Universe

Superman Versus He-Man?! By the power of grayskull this is awesome. Superman accidently flies through a dimensional portal and ends up in Eternia where he is able to be controlled by magic. Skeletor uses a magic spell to control Superman and forces him to fight He-Man. Who wouldn’t want to see that fight?

6. Joker Vs. The Mask #1–4

This is more like Larry David playing Bernie Sanders than an actual “versus” comic, but it is worth noting. This four issue cross over series asks the question, what would The Joker do if he got The Mask (of Loki)? The Joker steals The Mask from the Gotham museum in an effort to give himself new powers, but Batman tricks him into taking it off.

7. G.I. Joe Vs. The Transformers #1–6

The evil, yet unknown in this series, organization Cobra attacks the US military. Cobra has taken control of the Transformers and is using them to fight GI Joe and his team. However one Transformer, Optimus Prime is able to fight off their controls and help G.I Joe free the rest of the Transformers from Cobra control. Now that’s a real American hero.

8. Superman Vs. The Thunder Cats

A dimensional portal brings everyone’s favorite 1980’s anthropomorphic fighting cats to Metropolis. The best part of this crossover is that in Superman’s world, the Thundercats are still cartoons and toys just like in our world, so everyone freaks out that the cartoons have come to life.  Mumm-Ra and the gang fight mutants that came with them through the portal, but when Superman sees the strange creatures in his city they all get in a big fight. That is until SNARF uses the Staff of Knowledge to translate what everyone is saying.  Thundercats ho!

9. Eminem Versus The Punisher


Unfortunately Slim Shady did not have a rap battle with The Punisher in this strange cross over. However in this insane story line, the Parents Music council has hired bad guy Barracuda to kill Eminem. The Punisher shows up at one of Eminem’s concerts and he thinks he is there to kill him. However the two soon pair up to stop Barracuda, with Eminem using a chain saw to tear him to shreds.

10. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens

This is one bad guy that Judge Dredd isn’t going to be easily able to judge. Mega-City gets an infestation of the Sigourney Weaver type of ass kicking Aliens. When a criminal ends up at the Mega-City hospital with a chestburster the Judges investigate. Turns out that a criminal mastermind, Mr. Bones has brought back some of the Aliens from space in order to get revenge on Judge Dredd and Mega-City. He has placed an alien hive under the Grand Hall Of Justice and citizens start to get infected. In the battle, to stop the aliens from taking over Judge Dredd even becomes infected with a chestburster, but is able to destroy the queen alien and have the sucker removed before it is too late.

11. Star Trek Vs. Green Lantern

This crossover goes where no comic has gone before. The Green Lantern’s ring ends up in the hands of the crew of the Starship Enterprise. Together the Green Lantern Corps and The Federation team up to stop evil in the 23rd century. Not sure who they exist together, but hopefully this didn’t involve a dimensional portal again.

12. Tarzan vs. Predator

This one kind of makes a lot of sense and evokes the original Predator movie.  In the “versus” comic Tarzan learns that many of the warriors of his Pellucidar jungle at the core of the earth are being killed off. He goes there to fight The Predator.

13. Archie Meets The Punisher

This one is great because it seems so off brand: like Kermit The Frog doing a crossover with Deadpool. This one off crossover follows The Punisher as he is commissioned by the government to track down an evil drug dealer who hides out in Archie’s Riverdale. To make this more palatable for the Archie universe, The Punisher is forbidden from killing the drug dealer, and must take him alive. As luck would have it Archie looks just like the drug dealer. Ut-oh! This causes trouble for poor Archie who ends up not only in The Punisher’s crosshairs but also is mistaken by other bad guys who are after the drug dealer, Red.


Superman vs. Aliens

Aliens vs. Predator vs. The Terminator

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