15 Badass Daryl Dixon Quotes From 'The Walking Dead'

daryl dixon quotes the walking dead

Daryl Dixon wasn’t even supposed to be on AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’. As legend has it, actor Norman Reedus actually auditioned for the role of older brother Merle Dixon but the producers liked him so much, they created a brand new character just for him.

While some hardcore fans of the Robert Kirkman comics that the TV series is based on may not have been thrilled with the addition of a major character that isn’t in the original books, it didn’t take long for Reedus to win everyone over. Daryl started out as a recurring character in Season 1 but soon joined the main cast, where he has remained ever since. Apparently, there’s just something about a badass with a crossbow on a motorcycle that wins people over.

Daryl Dixon is clearly a no-nonsense kind of guy and yet, thanks to Reedus and ‘The Walking Dead’ writers, he’s had some of the most highly entertaining lines of any character on the show. Some lines have been funny, some have been philosophical, but most just drip with attitude. Here are 15 of our favorite Daryl Dixon quotes from ‘The Walking Dead’. 

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