15 Hilarious And Disturbing Face Swaps That'll Have You Question Everything

Who needs internet and television when you could spend all day face swapping with various friends, family or even objects to entertain yourself! I’ll answer that for you, NO ONE. Truth be told, we’re still in need of the internet because how else would we view other people’s bizarre and hilarious face swaps. Here are 15 of our favorites so far!

1. The Nose Swap


2. The Museum Swap


3. The We Are The World Swap

4. The Baby Swap


5. The Nightmarish Baby Swap

6. The Werewolf Swap

7. The Living Doll Swap


8. The Trying It All Swap

9. The Fist Swap


10. The Gingerbread Man Swap


11. The “What The F*ck” Swap

12. The Nicolas Cage Swap

13. The Grin Swap


14. The Appliance Swap

15. The Drunk Toddler Swap

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