4 Crazy Things Found In Normal Backyards

If you live outside of a major metropolitan area, you probably have some kind of backyard. In most cases, the best thing you can find in your yard is an above ground pool covered in green algae, a half built grill or if you’re lucky, an old dirty Coca-Cola bottle that you could sell for fifty cents to a junk collector, but that’s not always the case. In the back yard lottery, these people hit the jackpot and found some unbelievable stuff just below the surface. Here are 4 amazing things people found buried in their yard.

A Fallout Shelter

Back in 2015, Redditor captantarctica found an abandoned 1960s era bomb shelter in his backyard. Instead of containing super mutants, secret weapons or anything the game series Fallout would lead you to believe would be contained in one of these things, it was mainly filled with rubble and dust.

On the plus side, captantarctica told Reddit users he plans on renovating it. We’re sure it’ll make for great protection during World War III or at the very least, a really awesome man cave.

A Ferrari

In the mid 70s, a Ferrari  Dino 246 GTS was found buried in a Los Angeles yard. The car, valued at over sixty thousand dollars dollars, counting inflation, was stolen in 1974 and found four years later in 1978. How it got underground and who buried it are both mysteries that remain unsolved, but the story has a happy ending. The car was sold at auction for just a few thousand dollars and though it was covered in rust and filled with mud at the time it was retrieved, the mechanic that purchased it managed to make it road worthy again. Its custom license plate now reads “DUGUP” which is really awesome.

Millions Of Dollars in Gold Coins

A couple in California found millions of dollars in 1800s era United States gold coins stored in old cans and buried in their backyard. Though they were over a hundred years old, many of the nearly 1500 coins were in perfect condition.

No one knows exactly when or how these coins wound up in this couple’s backyard, but they’re probably too busy counting their millions and millions of dollars to put too much thought into it.

Mastadon Remains

A Michigan man found nearly fifty mastodon bones in his neighbor’s backyard. The bones would have only been worth a few thousand dollars if sold, so the neighbors donated them to the scientific community for research. The Mastadon bones are estimated to be over 10,000 years old. Only a few hundred of the giant mammal’s bones have been found in Michigan, so you can be sure the scientific community is excited about this huge find from an everyday backyard.

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