40 Glocc Says No Proof He's a Pimp, Wants Case Dismissed

40 Glocc

Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

And No Proof I Did It!!!

10/25/2017 4:42 PM PDT


40 Glocc insists there was no reason for him to get busted in a prostitution sting because even the alleged hooker says he’s just a friend, and not a P-I-M-P.

40 got busted in February when cops in Minnesota spotted him fleeing the scene during a prostitution sting. Cops say he smashed multiple cell phones in the moments before they arrested him, but the rapper says that’s hardly proof he was pimping.

In new docs, obtained by TMZ, 40 says the woman who got busted denied he was her pimp, and called him a travel buddy who had “no involvement in her actions.” He also claims there’s no proof his “friend” was really turning tricks.

Yes, she was naked and about to straddle an undercover officer — but 40 says she could’ve been doing lots of things besides offering sex … like a nude massage or erotic dance.

He does not cop to smashing the phones, btw — but says IF he did, there are plenty of innocent reasons to do so. Not that he offers any examples.

Still, he’s asking the judge to dismiss the charges.

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