5 After Credits Scenes That Didn’t Make It Into Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Today marks the official release date of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. Comic book fans are lining up at movie theaters across the globe to watch the continued adventures of Drax, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Baby Groot and Star-Lord and there was a lot of talk prior to the film’s release about the record FIVE after-credits scenes that will play after the film ends.

Five post-film scenes to button up plot details and add in a few Easter eggs for hardcore fans sounds like a lot, but there were originally several MORE that didn’t make it into the final movie. Here they are. Be careful, there are spoilers.

Star-Lord Was Supposed To Teach The Crew How To Do The Macarena

As the credits rolled, there was originally supposed to be a scene where Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord teaches Drax, Teenage Groot and Gamora how to do the Macarena. This dance, popular in the mid 90s would have been a good addition and it woult fit right in with the film’s fun take on nostalgia. This brief dance-off was originally set to end with Drax telling the crew “If this is what dancing is, I love to dance” which would have been delightful.

Pip the Troll Was Supposed To Be In It

There was originally supposed to be an after credits scene featuring embarrassing 1980s kids Marvel character Pip the Troll. The scene would have started with Gamora repairing part of the Milano when Rocket Raccoon would have marched in and said “my friend from a few galaxies over is gonna stay with us for a while.” When the camera panned over, it would have revealed that his friend is Pip the Troll which would have established him as a member of the cast for Vol. 3. It was cut for time.

An Additional Stan Lee Cameo

Stan Lee already has a fairly large cameo in Vol. 2 where he is (spoiler) seen hanging out with The Watchers but there would have been an additional after credits scene featuring him. In this scene, Stan would have been seen standing in a formless white void. He would look the camera dead-on and say in a whisper, “Please kill me, true believers.” Though this scene was filmed specifically at the 94-year-old’s request, it was unfortunately cut because James Gunn felt one Stan Lee cameo was enough.

A Scene Featuring Teenage Groot Graphically Losing His Virginity To Alf

A scene where Teenage Groot lost his virginity to Alf was originally slotted to be included in Vol. 2’s after credits scenes. The scene, which definitely would have bumped the film up to an NC-17 rating also featured Star-Lord standing above the new couple, staring directly into the camera as he screamed “is this what you want, America?” The scene was unfortunately cut because James Gunn could not strike a deal with Warner Bros. in time for the film’s release, but it will be included in the director’s cut.

A Scene Where Darth Vader Smokes Out Of A Bong Shaped Like Jar Jar Binks

This would have been a quick scene similar to the Howard the Duck reveal from the last film. It would have been in High Priestess Ayesha’s throne room and she would be asking a not yet revealed figure if he can destroy The Guardians of the Galaxy once and for all. All of a sudden, Darth Vader’s distinct voice would say “Not until I’m done hot boxing this mask, your high-ness.” Then the figure would be revealed to be Darth Vader, who would then take a hit off of a bong shaped like Jar Jar Binks. He would then have done a few Darth Vader deep breaths before coughing like stoners tend to do. The scene would have then ended with him saying “The moon landing was fake.” Though this scene was cut for time, it will be added into The Last Jedi to establish a tying together of the Star Wars and Marvel universes.

There you have it. Do you think these scenes should have been left in or are we better off without Star-Lord doing the Macarena? Let us know in the comments.

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