5 Cool Drones for Your Holiday Wish List

Drone technology is getting better and better each passing year. I’m not talking about the drones that the government is using to spy on us or kill people, I mean the ones that common folks like us can fly (and crash), and use to take awesome pictures and video. Here’s a list of cool drones in just about every price range that should be on your Christmas list.

DJI Mavic Pro

This super cool drone can be engaged through gesture controls. It can even find you and then take your picture. The DJI Mavic Pro delivers 4K video and 12MP still images ($999). Also check out the Phantom 4 Pro in DJI’s popular Phantom series. With auto-takeoff and auto-return home – along with tons of other awesome features – it’s one of the smartest drones out there. This drone is amazing but comes with a hefty price tag ($1499).

Hover Camera Passport

This is not a typical drone but rather a “self-flying personal photographer.” It takes 4K video and 13MP stills. The Hover Camera Passport can be controlled by your smartphone or autonomously follow its subject ($599).

Hobbico Dromida XL FPV Camera Drone

This wi-fi enabled drone captures stunning photos and videos in full HD. You can store them on the included micro memory card, or share all your adventures on social media. The XL is tough enough to survive routine crashes and easy to fly ($249.99).

Odyssey Pocket Drone

Yep, you can fold up this drone and put it in your pocket. The Odyssey Pocket Drone can be flown inside and outdoors. It’s a good choice for beginners, yet fun for everyone. This versatile little drone takes HD video and still pictures, and stores them on the included 4G MicroSD card ($99.99).

Swann Xtreem Electro-Max Eye Drone

This mini Xtreem Electro-Max Eye Drone measures just 6 inches. It features a built-in HD video camera and 4GB MicroSD card. This speedy little flying machine offers a unique 360-degree flying experience and comes with a beginner’s price tag ($49.99).

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