50 Cent's Alleged Home Burglary 911 Call (AUDIO)

50 Cent

911 Burglary Call …

‘I Have Nothing to Protect Myself’

5/15/2017 12:50 AM PDT


50 Cent‘s staffer in charge of watching over his Connecticut mansion feared an alleged burglar might be armed and dangerous … according to his 911 call.

Fiddy’s house manager told the dispatcher a burglar was on the property going door-to-door — it’s a massive spread — looking for a way inside. He said he didn’t have eyes on the perp anymore, because he’d fled the home for his own safety.

The manager said the guy had a black bag … he didn’t know what was in it, but knew he had nothing to protect himself.

As we reported … cops showed up shortly afterward and busted Elwin Joyce, who was wearing dark clothing and had a printout of directions to Fiddy’s home. He’s now facing 4 criminal charges, including 2nd degree burglary.

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