6 Revolting Restaurant Health Code Violation Horror Stories

Restaurants in NY are rated on an A, B, C heath grade. Like a Hester Prynne Scarlet A – these letters are made to hang in eatery windows so we know whether the establishment lives up to health codes – or is, instead, a four-walled petri dish of bacteria and potential food poisoning.  Since, 2010, the Department of Health has been inspecting every damn restaurant in the city. C grade is almost a kiss of death for restaurant; those that rate lower are made to shut down. Bye-bye restaurant! 

Restaurant Sanitation Department inspections might be an annoyance to eatery owners – but its purpose is for the people; so we don’t projectile vomit for two-days straight because we find out that our Jack n the Box hamburger is laced with shit.

The health inspectors are our friends. For example, take the Wendy’s in Chicago where health inspectors found a decomposing dead rodent in the rattrap. And then there’s the worm found in a salad, chewing gum found in a taco, and the blood found dripping from a glass of soda – not to mention the thumb found in an Arby’s sandwich and a condom discovered in a bowl of clam chowder.

So, leave your appetite at home and let’s explore the world of restaurant health code violations as we look at some not-so-happy meals. 

Maggots in Chinese Take-Out

Picture this if you will: you order Chinese food takeaway – only to discover that once you started eating; your rice is crawling with maggots. Bon appetit! 

Roach Crawls Out During TV Interview

Talk about having egg on your face. A grocery store accused of having a roach problem – denies such accusations to a TV crew. Moments later, a roach climbs across the wall in the establishment’s kitchen – soon to be followed by bugs crawling across the floor. And it’s caught on camera. 

Chinese Restaurant with 69 Health Code Violations

Rodent droppings are always bad for business. For example, take this Florida restaurant that was written up for having rodent droppings not only in the hallway leading to the bathroom, but also in the dishwashing area, cookline, and the pots and pans storage cupboard. 

Raw Meat Kept By A Dumpster

Golden Corral got served when an employee posted a YouTube video showing that the restaurant kept raw meat out back by their trash dumpster – where usually you find drunk people peeing. Not a great culinary thing to have in the blistering Florida sunshine. 

Golden Corral Part 2!

A few key words for you with this violation: rodent-droppings under the buffet. 

Domino’s Employee’s Put Your Food Up Their Nose

What could be worse than unknowingly having snot put into your food by a restaurant employee? Better yet, what if said employees posted their food contaminating antics on YouTube? The video went viral and the Domino’s employees ended up getting arrested. This is one key reason why fast-food employees should be paid minimum wage.


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