60 Percent Of Americans Back Legal Marijuana: Are You One Of Them?

While everyone is up and arms over the presidential race, there are many more people and things Americans are voting for this November 8th. Nine states are voting on measures to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana. Five of those states including Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada have a proposition to legalize weed for recreational use. Wait, but if it’s legal will it still be as fun?

A record sixty percent of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana in all 50 states. If those states legalize recreational use they will join Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington state and the District of Columbia who all have legal pot.

So now there is a good chance that legalization could happen. California alone is one of the largest economies in the world and has 40 million people who would be free to legally light up a spliff. Supporters pushing legalization in California have $11.5 million in cash to buy campaign ads, while opponents have just $186,000. Money talks and it sounds like the green is betting on green. Here is one of the pro legal weed commercials currently airing in Cali:

However other places voting on the issue are not as high minded when it comes to getting high. Polls in Massachusetts put the pro legal pot crowd at just 41 percent. The governor and other politicians have come out strongly against legal ganja.  Here is an political commercial from the group “Campaign for a Safe And Healthy Massachusetts.” You guys got to watch this ad and let us know if you agree with what they think is going to happen “to your neighborhood” if weed is legal:

So what do you think? Should marijuana be legalized in all 50 states?

Maybe some folks are scared their state will turn into this;

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