9 Presidential Candidates With Beards: Make America Hairy Again!

Back in the day it was seen as regal for a president to rock a beard, a mustache or even a few sweet muttonchops for facial hair. Just look at this gorgeous man, President William Howard Taft with his beautiful crumb catcher.

Lean in and smell that thing. Cinnamon!

However, it was pointed out that a major presidential candidate has not had facial hair since 1948 when Thomas Dewey and his pencil mustache were the Republican nominee. That is why Redditor Cakeflourz  has Photoshoped a list  of the 2016 US Presidential Candidates with full beards. Maybe some of them wouldn’t have had to drop out so early had they grown a beard. Make America hairy again! 

1. Donald Trump Beard

2.Chris Christie Beard

3. Carly Fiorina Beard

4. Rand Paul Beard

5. Jeb Bush Beard

6. Hillary Clinton Beard

7. Bernie Sanders Beard

8. Marco Rubio Beard

9. Ted Cruz Beard

BONUS: Vice President Joe Biden Beard

Images Credit: CakeFlourz


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