A Drunk Dude Bro “Slapped” Justin Timberlake On A Golf Course

Justin Timberlake

I woke up this morning and read “Justin Timberlake slapped in the face by fan!“, then I watched the video. “Justin Timberlake lightly touched on his neck then reacting like he was just infected by Zika”, probably wouldn’t have gotten that many clicks. Anyway, Timberlake was at the American Century Celebrity Pro-Am in Lake Tahoe when some drunk asshole touched his neck. This might also be the whitest story you’ll read today.

TMZ obtained the Douglas County Sheriff’s report which says Keith Weglin’s BAC was 0.18% when he got to jail … more than twice the legal limit…He could have gotten off scot-free, but cops say he refused to leave the course … so, they arrested him for disorderly conduct. One law enforcement source said Weglin talked himself right into jail. We’ve reached out to him, but no word back yet.

It’s probably pretty quiet in the Weglin household today. Let’s all respect their requests for privacy as they take turns stomping the shit out of Keith while his mouth is taped shut. 

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