A Stranger Told This Hot Mom Her Bikini Wasn't Appropriate. What Do You Think?

Some people will say this is a story about body shaming but really it’s more about giving opinions to people when they didn’t even ask for them. However we’re curious how the Break audience will decide on this one after seeing the mom’s photo.

New mom Lexi Sinclair was at the pool with her 4-month-old son when a stranger told her that a mom shouldn’t be wearing such a small bikini. Not that it was at all inappropriate in style and not that Lexi isn’t attractive, but because she’s in post-pregnant mom recovery and, well, post-pregnancy bodies don’t exactly look like Ariana Grande’s body double. That’s a sure fire way to find out if you’re a robot if any woman’s did.

Here’s Lexi’s post she made to Facebook wearing the bikini that caused the encounter.

Is Lexi a hot mom? Absolutely. Does she have a few loose ends due to her pregnancy, of course but does that mean she’s not allowed to wear a two-piece by the pool?

via Lexi’s Facebook page

I’d hate for anyone to shame a woman, especially one as attractive as Lexi, to not ever wear a bikini because if that’s the case, we’ll eventually have zero women in bikinis to look at! The beach will just end up looking like Mad Max Fury Road with everyone in cargo pants and sweaters once word gets out it’s cool to just tell someone their body looks like guacamole.

This swimsuit competition SUCKS.

The real interesting part however is it wasn’t some schmoe dude telling Lexi to cover up. It was another woman in her 50’s that decided to give the new mom some fashion advice. Lexi, going against her instinct, says she just smiled at the woman and said she was proud of her body. She closed her Facebook post by saying “To be honest, I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass what other men think or what a prissy twit like you thinks. Have a nice day though.”


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