A Tumblr User Received A Severed Human Toe To Make A Necklace!

A user on Tumbler that goes by the name “Cummy-Eyelids” received a severed human toe from another Tumbler user, royallyoily. In a post to the website the young toe aficionado explained her plans for the lopped off appendage.

Many folks on the internet had some questions as I’m sure you do as well. What could possibly guide this person to A. want a severed human toe and B. turn that toe into a wearable piece of jewelry like a maniac?


Regardless of the horror and disdain for the sliced toe art, the nine toed girl responded with enthusiasm.


This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home, and this little piggy was cut off and turned into some chick named Cummy-Eyelids on Tumblr’s rotting flesh pendant.


The good folks over at Buzzfeed got to the bottom of this and answered some questions. Turns out Cummy-Eyelids is an artist named Lana who met the toe donator, Haley on Tumblr. The toe was amputated for medical reasons over ten years ago and was not severed just to make the necklace as some had feared. She says the project will combined her skills of working with “wet specimens, bones, and skulls.” Ed Gein wants her to tone it down a notch.

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