A Woman Found Something Gross In Her Fish Soup And It Isn’t What You Think It Is

Taiwan resident Li Jiaqi posted photos of what appears to be a human finger found in her fish soup to the Facebook forum Baoliao Commune earlier this week and it’s pretty gross.


I’ll admit, looks a lot like a finger, but according to Li Jiaqi, it’s actually a “Fish Maw.” For the few Break readers that aren’t well educated ocean biologists, a fish maw is a type of gas bladder that allows fish to remain buoyant in water.

This is what a normal fish maw looks like. Now here’s a closer look at what Li Jiaqi pulled out of her soup.

Though that does look like a human finger, it isn’t totally spot on. That “nail” is clearly something else entirely. I think you can chalk this up to the boiling process shriveling the maw and giving it vague finger-esque properties. Though this is most likely a fish organ and not an actual human body part, Li didn’t want to risk it. She gave it to her dog who we assume found it delicious.

Of course, her post blew up Facebook. Li has made peace with her disgusting find, but some of the seven thousand people who commented on and liked her photo just won’t let it go. One Facebook user said “Is it a murder? Do we have to report to police?” and another, suspicious user said “I have never seen a fish maw like this.”

Is this the result of a gruesome murder or just a weirdly stewed fish organ? What do you think, Breakers? Let us know in the comments!

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