Abby Lee Miller Violates Law by Parking in Disabled Spot Weeks Before Prison

Abby Lee Miller

Down But Not Disabled

6/24/2017 8:04 AM PDT


Abby Lee Miller kinda pulled a Sharon Stone from “Basic Instinct” Friday … committing an offense that pales by comparison to the other things she’s done.

Abby Lee parked in a disabled spot in L.A. … which carries a $1,000  fine. And this is hilarious … she must have realized what she was doing, so she moved her car. Problem is … she moved it into a red zone!

As you know, she’s just days away from turning herself in for pleading guilty to multiple fraud counts, which will land her in prison for a year and a day.

Abby didn’t get ticketed, as far as we know. Break given.

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