Abby Lee Miller's Snacking on $0.25 Ramen In Prison

Abby Lee Miller

Snacking on $0.25 Ramen In Prison

7/17/2017 12:50 AM PDT


Abby Lee Miller went from dining at one of L.A.’s finest restaurants to $0.25 cent Ramen noodle packages overnight, but the good news … she won’t go without SPAM or du rags.

We got a copy of the commissary stocklist at FCC Victorville, where Abby just started her 366-day sentence for fraud. As you might guess … there aren’t a whole lotta healthy food options on it, but it’s certainly affordable.

Hot & spicy pork skin chips — $0.80 
Cookies and cream ice cream — $2.10
SPAM — $1.30
Canned albacore tuna — $1.80
Cola — $3.45
Mirror — $2.20
Lotion — $10.25
Ear wax removal — $5.20
Afro pik — $.45
Dominos — $5.50
Acne cream — $1.30
Mustache scissors — $6.35
Du rag — $2.35
Racquet balls — $5.40

The most expensive item on the list — an MP3 player that goes for $69.20.

Abby needs to think it through … all sales are final once an inmate leaves the commissary.

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