Absurd Or Justified: Teacher Fired After Her Lingerie Modelling Pics Were Found

Some people have had a career in many professions before moving on to something a bit more stable, but one teacher’s assistant felt the wrath of her students and the administration after her old professional modeling photos were recently discovered.

21-year-old Gemma Laird said the school that hired her was aware of her previous work as a model for Lexi Fashions but had no idea how adult some of the photos were. To be honest, a lot of these images aren’t really THAT much to gossip about. However, it was just enough for the school to fire her, even after Laird says she was a “natural with the children”.

However, the lesson we can all learn from Laird’s experience is that the administration found her modelling photos on her facebook page and instagram profiles. The principal told her “…they didn’t want to damage the school’s reputation and that people would lose respect for the school if they found out I was a model. It was brought to our attention that images which were not appropriate and which did not comply with our expected standards had been posted on social media by a newly appointed apprentice.”

On one hand, the modeling photos are nothing too far off from, say, a bikini someone might wear, so what’s the difference? Then again, we all know how students are when it comes to finding any “dirt” on someone, especially a teacher. It’s tough enough to focus on boring school work. Having Laird as your teacher’s assistant certainly won’t make it that much easier. The worst part is Laird had put her modeling days behind her, now wanting to focus on working with children since she enjoyed it so much.

So what do you think, is it justified that Laird was fired or completely absurd seeing how these photos really weren’t all that provocative?


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