Adele Kicks Off World Tour By Helping Woman With Leap Year Proposal


Adele kicked off her ’25’ World Tour in a big way on Monday in Belfast. The ‘Hello’ singer’s first stop occurred on February 29 and Adele didn’t let the significance of the day go unnoticed as she helped a woman propose to her boyfriend right up on stage. (Traditionally, women proposing to men on February 29 during a leap year is supposed to bring good luck to the marriage.)

Things didn’t start off so romantic, however, with US Weekly reporting that Adele initially told the crowd at the start of the show that she was having some gastrointestinal issues. 

“I’ve been f—ing s–tting myself all day,” she said to laughter and applause.

Ah, love is in the air, right?

The mood shifted though when Adele asked if there were any couples in the audience who wanted to come up on stage for Leap Year proposals. At least one woman who came forward ended up being serious about it, telling the singer that she had actually already proposed earlier in the day and been rejected.

“I asked him earlier today,” the woman told Adele. “He said maybe in a little while.”

Adele immediately called out the man who was still down in the audience and then turned the crowd against him, according to People.

“You have to say a proper yes, bruv!” Adele told the guy, who was named Neil. “After three, everyone, say, ‘Come on, Neil!”

The crowd responded as instructed and Neil finally accepted the proposal from his seat.

With that, Adele jumped up and down and then seemingly invited herself to the wedding, as the couple lives not that far from the singer.

“Essex? That’s down the road from me,” she exclaimed. “I’ll come. I’ll see you shaking your ass.”

Adele’s tour will hit stops throughout the United States as well as Mexico and Canada this year but don’t bother trying to get tickets. Every show from now until November is already sold out.

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