Adele Visits Terminally Ill 12-Year-Old Fan's Bedside In Belfast


Adele, who recently opened her 2016 world tour in Belfast, Northern Ireland, took the time to visit a terminally ill 12-year-old fan at her bedside before her second concert on Tuesday.

“I am in shock, I got my baby’s dream to come true,” the girl’s mother Tracy told Belfast Live after Adele’s visit. “She was so nice, she could not have been nicer. Adele was sat beside her and she was talking to me and my other kid, she was so nice for wee Rebecca. I cannot put it into words what it means.”

Tracy’s mother told the singer that Adele’s music has served as a source of inspiration for Rebecca as she battles her terminal illness. The girl was originally given just 6 months left to live but has outlived those expectations.

Adele got wind of the situation thanks to a months-long Facebook campaign launched by Tracy. The girl reportedly suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She is also blind. Adele’s manager did respond to some of the letters but the actual visit ended up being a last-second surprise after Tracy tried contacting Adele’s team one last time on Monday.

“The manager called and said, ‘Tracy, it’s Adele’s manager. I am getting back to you because Adele has seen … Rebecca’s pictures, and she was very emotional and she wants to come and meet your daughter,’” explained Tracy. “I shouted at the hairdresser, ‘Get this off my head – I need to go.’ I wanted to keep it private.”

“It’s amazing. I’ll never forget it. And I do know that when Rebecca passes away she did get her dream come true,” Tracy told the BBC. “It’s made me feel like I’m the best mummy in the world which I never felt. Adele told me I was the best mummy in the world too.”

While Rebecca is too ill to make it a concert to hear Adele sing live, the singer still offered the family tickets for her concert at SSE Arena.

Various Northern Ireland VIPs responded to the news by thanking Adele for her kindness.

Thank you so much @Adele for visiting the beautiful Rebecca in the Short Strand today,” wrote Niall O’ Donnghaile, the former lord mayor of Belfast on Twitter. “Made her & Tracy’s year!”

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