Affluenza Mom — Now Doing Time … Behind Bar (PHOTO)


0823-tonya-couch-tmz-wm-01Tonya Couch, the mother of the “affluenza” teen who fled to Mexico with her son, is back on her feet — especially during happy hour — tending bar.

We’ve learned Ethan Couch‘s mom is slinging drinks at the Honky Tonk Woman Saloon in Azle, TX. Tonya’s telling customers the Saloon gig was a lifesaver because, after she and Ethan were captured in Mexico last year … no one wanted to hire her. We’re told she’s had the job for about a month.

Tonya was cleared to start working in June and was released from house arrest on Tuesday, but she’s still sporting an ankle monitor. Ethan’s doing 2 years for violating probation when he bolted for Mexico, and Tonya’s still facing 2 felonies.

The Honky Tonk Woman calls itself a bar for people from all walks of life, hosting pig roasts, NASCAR parties and biker rallies. Definitely a good time, but a long way from Couch’s comfy life in the ‘burbs.


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