AHS: Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Are Engaged Again

Emma Roberts


Emma Roberts and Evan Peters have broken up and been engaged more times than we have time to get into here, but look, they’re engaged again. #Pray4Evan

Reunited and it feels so good. Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are engaged again, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly, and the pair indulged in some PDA during a walk through Provincetown, Massachusetts, over Thanksgiving…“Emma and Evan are engaged again,” one source tells Us. “She’s been wearing her ring on set. Everyone on set knows.”

Speaking of domestic violence, remember that time Emma Roberts got arrested for biting and whipping this dude’s ass and he refused to press charges? Probably because of the patriarchy and his white male privilege or something like. Wait, I think I’m mixing these up! Gotta read more Tumblr.


Emma Roberts has resting motherfucker I will cut you face:


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