Alan Thicke's Widow Says They Planned to Have a Baby Right Before His Death

Alan Thicke’s Widow

We Were Going to Have a Kid …

Denies Robin’s Gold Digger Claim

5/18/2017 1:00 AM PDT


Alan Thicke‘s widow says she was far from an opportunist out for Alan’s riches, and says she loved him so deeply … they were about to expand their family when he died.

Tanya Callau tells TMZ she and Alan were finally ready to take the next step in their 11-year marriage … by getting pregnant in 2017. She says they’d frozen her eggs 3 years ago, and planned to put them to use once Alan’s youngest, 19-year-old Carter, moved out.

She says they already had an architect visit their Santa Barbara ranch in early December to draw up plans for a nursery. Alan died suddenly of a massive heart attack on December 12.

Tanya’s now facing a possible lawsuit from Brennan and Robin Thicke — who claim their stepmother is greedy and overreaching for more of their dad’s estate than what’s laid out in his will. She’s calling BS on that, and adds … she never threatened to go to tabloids as the boys allege.

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