Alexis Ren Says Good Morning & Links

Alexis Ren

Margot Robbie in a wet t-shirt, anyone?   (NSFW)  [  Taxi Driver Movie   ]

Lady Gaga in a swimsuit, anyone?   [  The Superficial   ]

Kate Upton still hasn’t found her ass  [  Popoholic   ]

Britney Spears rocking the mom bikini  [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Jennifer Hudson‘s next movie will have a 19% on Rotten Tomatoes  [  Dlisted  ]

Samantha Hoopes got topless   [  Hollywood Tuna   ]

I want to be in Vanessa Hudgens‘ yoga class  [  Moe Jackson   ] 

Important: 10 greatest cereal mascots of all time [  Mandatory  ]

Matt Damon‘s attempt at small talk with Prince went as expected  [  The Blemish  ]

Taylor Swift will now have Eugenie Bouchard assassinated  [   Cele|bitchy   ]

A Star Trek Beyond review  [  Crave Online   ]

More Alexis Ren  [  Instagram  ]

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