All The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Chicks Got Their Own Entertainment Weekly Cover

Game Of Thrones

Since I’m dumb most of the time, I never watched Game Of Thrones until last year because I said it had too many white people to keep track of and it was just a soap opera with dragons. Then I watched all the seasons in like two weeks and now I’m pretty much cracked out (this kinda helped).  Season 6 drops next month, so to promote that, all the main chicks on the show got their own Entertainment Weekly cover.  Like Sophie Turner. Who might be a drug addict. And Emilia Clarke. Who doesn’t like all the sex scenes. Bitch. And Natalie Dormer‘s hot ass. I would have given the Khaleesi’s 18-year old body double a cover, but they gave one to the kid and the tall lady. The tall lady is ok, I guess. 

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