Amber Heard — Top Trial Lawyers Tapped To Grill Actress




10:40 AM PST — Amber’s lawyer is there, but still no Amber.

10:14 AM PST — The depo was set for 10 AM — still no Amber.


Johnny Depp‘s legal team has brought in one of the top trial lawyers in the country to go after Amber Heard in today’s deposition — Blair Berk.

Berk just showed up to the law offices where the depo is scheduled to be taken. The call time for Amber is 10 AM but so far she’s nowhere to be seen.

Depositions are all about cornering a hostile witness, getting them to squirm over weaknesses in their case.

In Amber’s situation, there is no doubt Berk will hone in on her claims Johnny brutalized her, yet responding cops saw no evidence of injuries or damage to the downtown L.A. loft. 

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