Amber Rose's Sexy 'Mask Off' Video with Future Cool with Blac Chyna (VIDEOS)

Amber Rose

Licking Future Was Just for Biz …

Blac Chyna Knows That

5/8/2017 12:50 AM PDT


Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are still BFFs … despite Amber crawling into the lap of, and licking the face of, Chyna’s ex-bf, Future.

Amber is the lead chick in the rapper’s “Mask Off” vid — hot stuff that required them to get REALLY close. Considering BC and Future had a nasty breakup about 18 months back … you’d think the sexy scenes might rub Amber’s pal the wrong way.

But if there’s one thing Chyna understands, it’s money — and she knows that’s why Amber shot the video, not to take a shot at her. We’re told Future’s team reached out to get Amber for the role, and with ‘Mask’ being the hottest track out now … she couldn’t turn it down.

Our sources say BC’s got her hands full right now with Rob Kardashian and baby Dream … so, she’s not sweatin’ Future.

Besides, tattoo removal would be her more pressing issue.

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