'American Horror Story' — New Set Photos Hint at Lost Colony (PHOTO GALLERY)


0729_american_horror_story_croatoan_set_photos_launchAmerican Horror Story” fans are going to get a dose of seriously creepy history in season 6 … at least based on these pics we got from the set.

TMZ has obtained the first shots from the ‘AHS’ set in Santa Clarita, CA … and one word etched into a tree is a HUGE hint about the theme: CROATOAN.

If you paid attention in school … you remember that word from the mystery of Roanoke — the 1590 North Carolina colony where 117 people vanished. The only clue was the word “CROATOAN” — a nearby Native tribe — carved into bark. There have been all kinds of creepy legends about the colony.

Check out the set pics — they all center around a colonial-era farm. Plus, our ‘AHS’ spies have spotted the cast in Pilgrim-era clothing, and the the teaser trailers are on point, too.

Hope you don’t scare easily.

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