Amy Schumer Covered InStyle’s First “Beauty Issue” LOL

Amy Schumer


Now that Twitter has solved police brutality by spraying Pepsi with the outrage hose, Pepsi can now buy up all the police departments OCP-style and make make a bunch of Robocops to handle Brad and Ashleigh destroying a Starbucks and other people who projected Pepsi’s ad onto themselves. Before everybody is dead, hopefully someone will say, “oh shit that was just an ad lol my b”. Probably not. In the meantime, we can celebrate peak 2017, by looking at Amy Schumer on the cover of InStyle‘s first “Beauty Issue”. I appreciate their graphics department trying to make her look like Evan Rachel Wood on thyroid medication, but Photoshop couldn’t really do much to fix the interview. Hint: Amy Schumer is as self-absorbed sociopath.  But at least she doesn’t fit the “standard definition” of beauty, and that’s really all we should care about now or something.


You see the hi-res version here if you wanna pour acid in your eyes later.

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