Ancient Coins Depict What Looks Like An Alien & A “Spaceship”

The Daily Star UK is reporting on an discovery of ancient coins in Egypt that have archeologists puzzled. A group of rare coins was unearthed that many say has a spooky resemblance to a modern depiction of “grey” aliens.

I’m sure scientists will have a much better explanation for the coin other than aliens, saying that it is really the image of a god or a king who had some weird skin disorder.  The coins in question date back to 1656 and are inscribed with Latin words “Opporutunus Adest” which translate to “It’s here in due time.”

WHAT is here is due time? OH GOD THEY ARE RETURNING!

The coins were discovered during the renovation of a house in the southern part of Egypt. One side of the coin depicts what appears to be a humanoid figure with large eyes and a bald head. The “alien” appears to be wearing some or of sash or robe over one shoulder. Maybe there was a human- alien toga party to celebrate the arrival of the new visitors?

The other side of the coin depicts an object floating over the sea and could be interpreted as an alien spaceship landing on Earth. Why not? With periodic reoccurring signals from the stars recently detected and Wikileaks email revelations indicating high level government knowledge of aliens, this coin discovery might be more believable than previously thought.

Do you think these coins are depicting alien visitors or is there another explanation?

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