Andre Berto To Conor McGregor — STAY OUT OF STOCKTON … After 'Crackhead Ese' Insult (VIDEO)


Andre Berto is giving Conor McGregor a warning Marsellus Wallace would approve of … saying after the “crackhead ese” diss Conor put on Nate Diaz … his Stockton privileges have been revoked.

Stockton is, of course, Nate Diaz’s hometown … and when we got Berto out in L.A. we asked if the (racist?) insult Conor threw out at the UFC 202 presser Wednesday was over the line.

Check out the clip — Berto says yes … so much so that he thinks it’d be better if Conor avoided the lovely city of Stockton altogether for a while … for fear of Nate sympathizers.

We get you, Berto … but there’s one time Conor definitely won’t be able to avoid Stockton … Saturday night.

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