Angelina Jolie — Help$ Kids Unload 8 Foot Tall Teddy Bear! (VIDEO + PHOTOS)


Angelina Jolie combined her love for kids and gigantic stuffed animals … and a couple of 8-year-old entrepreneurs made out big time.

It all went down Sunday when Tim Alexander and his twins, Allen and Brandon, were in Toluca Lake, CA trying to sell “Big Bear” … an 8 1/2 foot tall teddy bear for $50. After an hour, they had no takers.

0830_kids_selling-bear_subThen suddenly, Tim says a Cadillac pulled up with Angelina and Shiloh inside, and BOOM … they had a taker. He says Angelina doubled the twins’ asking price — handing over $50 to each of them.

Dad says Allen and Brandon had no idea Angelina was a celeb, but he filled them in later with a “Kung Fu Panda” reference.



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