Angelina Jolie Hits Renaissance Faire with Daughter Shiloh, Sans Brad Pitt (PHOTOS)

Angelina Jolie

Hits Renaissance Faire with Shiloh

… No Brad in Sight

5/7/2017 8:10 AM PDT


Angelina Jolie got in some quality culture with her daughter over the weekend by going back in time to the Renaissance … in SoCal … with Brad Pitt nowhere in sight.

Angie was seen Saturday with at least one of her kids — her daughter, Shiloh — at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California in Irwindale. 

Witnesses tell us there were other kids with Angie and Shiloh — unclear if they were siblings or just friends. 

We’re told Angie and the crew were flanked by a massive bodyguard who followed them around the event — can’t ever be too careful. 

Still, the people we spoke with say Angie seemed happy — smiling and talking to staffers and other costumed folk — while chomping down on what appears to be a turkey leg. 

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