Antonio Cromartie's Mother — He's Evicting Me From House … That He Bought Me! (PHOTO)


0812_Antonio-Cromartie_tmzThe mother of NFL star Antonio Cromartie claims her son is trying to evict her from the Florida home he bought for her back in 2007 … and it’s all over money. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Cromartie’s little sister, LaQuinta Gardner … who says their mother was served with an eviction notice on Thursday and the family is pissed. 

Gardner claims … Cromartie bought the house and paid for everything for years — but the gravy train stopped in February when he asked his mother to pay the $700 per month mortgage bill. 


We’re told the mother refused — insisting Cro, who’s made millions in his career, should pay since the house was supposed to be a gift. 

Both sides dug in … culminating in the eviction papers, which say Cro’s mother needs to be out by August 15th … UNLESS she forks over a check for $2,310 in back payment. 

Gardner says she has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for her mother. 

We reached out to Cromartie for comment — so far, no word back. 

By the way, Cromartie is currently unemployed — and has 12 kids … and that ain’t cheap! 

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