Anwar Hadid — No Dreamy Shoots with McMug Shot


0819-jeremy-meek-anwar-hadid-instagram-01Bella and Gigi Hadid‘s little bro is NOT teaming up with an ex-con — no matter how much of a handsome bastard the guy is.

Jeremy Meeks — the former Cali state prisoner known as Dreamy McMug Shot — posted a pic with Anwar Hadid … which became a thing on the Internet, and started rumors the guys were doing a modeling shoot together.

Sources close to Anwar tell us he and Jeremy were introduced in Bev Hills last week, and Jeremy asked for a pic because he’s a fan. Anwar obliged because he’s a nice guy. 

Jeremy’s no dummy though — he’s trying to make it big in modeling, which is probably why he didn’t caption the photo.

Never hurts to be Hadid-adjacent.  


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