Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Tweets From Antarctica “We Are All In Danger”

For Today in Conspiracy Corner we travel all the way to Antarctica. That is where the 2nd man on the moon (official story)-  iconic Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin sent out a cryptic Tweet he then later deleted. The Tweet featured a picture of a mysterious pyramid and the caption “We are all in danger. It is evil itself.”  

An evil THING uncovered at an Antarctic outpost? I think we all know where this story is going!

For medical reasons Aldrin had been evacuated from the South Pole on December 1st where he was visiting as part of a tourist group. The American hero was air lifted to New Zealand with fluid in his lungs, but soon recovered with antibiotics and rest. At least according to the official story. The strange Tweet opens up fresh questions about his REAL reason for going to Antarctica at the age of 86 and what exact illness he may have contracted from whatever he encountered down there.  

That is one good step for an 86-year-old man.

The alleged pyramid is located adjacent to the United Kingdom’s Princess Elisabeth Station at the South Pole. It has been noted on Google Earth for its symmetrical, artificial looking appearance in contrast to other glaciers and rock formations in the area.

Buzz Aldrin is not the only high profile person to visit the ice covered continent this year. The head of Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill – essentially the equivalent of The Pope- traveled to a Russian base in Antarctica supposedly to “commune with penguins.”  That sort of seems like a strange excuse. Was he going to convert the penguins to the Russian Orthodox Church? Well God himself, Morgan Freeman DID do the voice over for March Of The Penguins

“Take me to your leader.”

To top it off Secretary of State John Kerry also recently traveled to Antarctica in November supposedly to personally take a look at how the ice was melting on the continent and report his findings to international climate meetings happening in Marrakech, Morocco. After all he did negotiate the Paris Climate Agreement which is soon going to be terminated- so maybe this was one last hurrah for Kerry? I mean why did he have to go himself, why couldn’t he just talk to the scientists?

Making sure the ice is actually melting like he told everyone.

While the State Department released photos of Secretary Kerry checking out penguins and lots and lots of ICE. This included the ominous sounding “Blood Falls” that appears like blood is pouring out of it because of the combination of iron and saline water present.

The evil pyramid that is putting us all in danger.

With all of these VIP visitations to the area, the question has to be asked: what is really going on here? Astronauts, top clergy members and the United States’ highest ranking diplomat all sent to the South Pole? Perhaps there is another worldly VIP in this “pyramid” that we need to communicate with?

What EVIL do you think is in Antarctica that Buzz Aldrin was referring to?

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