Apparently This Man Died In Three Different Terrorist Attacks This Year!

Sadly this year has been full of tragic incidents of terrorism and attacks on our freedom. However for one man named Alfonso these horrific events have really hit home.  Sharp eyed media observers have noticed something peculiar about three recent terrorist attacks. Apparently one victim was present at all of them! How can that be?

Alex Jones has been warning us about these tragedy “crisis actors” for years. These ruthless thugs are sent by the government to stage a tragedy. The actors play out a false flag operation such as a school shooting as a ruse to gain public support for big government to come in and take our guns. Plain and simple, the Washington fat cats think we are too dumb to realize what they are up to. Now this could be the proof the American people need to WAKE UP.

Just asking questions.

The plight of Alfonso first came about this past May when Egypt Air Flight 804 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, killing 66 passengers. A message was posted to Twitter with the picture of Alfonso stating that he had traveled on the ill-fated Egypt Air flight.  

However a month later the same Alfonso was apparently killed in the Orlando Pulse Nightclub massacre. An image of the man was even included in a victim tribute video by The New York Times (which interestingly was later removed from the video.)

Next Alfonso was said to be a victim at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, where 45 people were killed by ISIS terrorists. For a man who has been in two recent tragedies he sure is using his frequent flyer miles.

So what is going on here? As it turns out Alex Jones is going to have to put the false flag alarm on hold for this one. “Alfonso”- real name unknown is alive and well and he knows exactly who is behind his death hoaxes. It’s not Obama. It’s his former friends in Mexico who say he owes them money. As a whacky prank to get back at him for not repaying the debt they keep posting his photo claiming that he is a victim after tragedies. Hahaha, oh man!

Media in France attempted to get to the bottom of the false victim. They tracked down those who posted Alfonso’s image to Twitter and were told that:

“This man used to be my friend but he’s cheated money out of at least four people who I know. I lodged both civil and criminal complaints against him, but because the legal proceedings are dragging on and he still hasn’t given us back our money, we decided to punish him by posting his photo online. Our goal is to ruin his reputation.”

Ruin his reputation by saying his the victim of three tragedies? I don’t think they planned this out very well. They should buy him lotto tickets while they are at it. Maybe he will win and be able to pay them back what he owes them.

French media was also able to find “Alfonso” who they did not identify. He told them:  “My photo is everywhere because of someone who started it as a prank after a legal dispute.”

OR that is just what the government wants us to think.

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