Apparently ‘Wonder Woman’ Is Pretty Good

Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman had a screening for the media last night, and apparently everybody really like it (you can read what they all said here).  So, let’s get the obvious out of the way here first. When it comes to DC movies, we’ve heard this shit before. Second,  Gal Gadot isn’t really a great actor. If you say she is, you’re lying to yourself. Third, I hope the reviews of this movie aren’t great in the same way the Ghostbusters remake were great. Not liking a movie that’s mostly women doesn’t make you sexist. You don’t have to be afraid of not liking it. Fourth, DC and Warner Bros. have fucked my emotions three times now, and I don’t want to be the abused spouse who keeps getting beat and coming back because I think Geoff Johns will change. Fuck him. Fifth, some of the reviews call Wonder Woman the “best DCEU movie so far”.  And the McGriddle is the best thing at McDonald’s. That’s a really fucking low bar. Sixth of all, please let all this be true. I want to Wonder Woman to resemble an actual movie. I don’t want to sit through another DC movie bored and miserable then be told I just don’t get it. Shit ain’t that deep, bro. Go jack off to your Zack Snyder shrine on your own time. Don’t project that onto me.


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