Apparently Wonder Woman Is The Best Part Of ‘Batman v Superman’

Wonder Woman Batman v Superman

I realize you come here expecting titties and such, but please understand that Batman v Superman is trending right now, so you can expect more of these. Look, I got mouths to feed. Anyway, as my other post pointed out, the Batman v Superman NYC premiere was last night, and solely based on Twitter reactions, it should have been called Wonder Woman Is Great In Spite Of Zack Snyder

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens this Friday and held its premiere Sunday night in New York City. The critics are still under an embargo, but those not under the embargo who attended the screening were already raving about the movie on Twitter last night.  The stand out, however, continues to be Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), the retired superhero who is over 5,000 years old and who decided to return to our society as an antiques dealer in pursuit of an important antiquity (possibly one she’s willing to steal from Bruce Wayne). Wonder Woman was already rumored to “steal the show” from Batman and Superman, and this seems to be exactly the case. That’s why you never match wits with an Amazonian when death is on the line.

So the movie is like the trailer, then? This is how I’m reading this. 

Hey, it’s more Gal Gadot. How awesome is that? 

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