April the Giraffe Finally Gives Birth and it's Gnarly!!! (VIDEO)

April the Giraffe

Finally Gives Birth

And It’s Gnarly!!!

4/15/2017 7:29 AM PDT

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April the Giraffe finally gave birth Saturday morning after weeks of anticipation … and it was insane!!

Her calf’s front legs popped out early this morning and April walked around like that for well over an hour … until finally the rest of her baby was ready to make an entrance.

First the head … then the body … then the rest of the gnarly stuff.  Check it out!

April is currently licking her baby clean and it — we don’t know if it is a boy or a girl yet — looks happy and healthy. Oh … and the live stream sponsor just changed from Toys R Us to Babies R Us.

Way to go, April!!

P.S. The live stream is still going below — take a look at the new baby calf … already walking around!

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