Are Women’s Breasts Getting Too Big?

From children to the elderly, from men to women, it’s safe to say we all love boobs. except for a very small percentage of men who are repulsed by them, but thanks to breast implants, are we experiencing too much of a good thing?

Too much?

Many women who have undergone the procedure would say an enthusiastic “yes.” According to New York plastic surgeon Dr Norman Rowe, breast reduction surgeries are becoming more and more common. He says “Before 2016, it wasn’t even registered as a top procedure, now it’s in the top ten.” “More women are wanting a natural look. Obvious implants are going out of style, they don’t want that Barbie look.”

Sorry Barbie.

It’s not JUST a look thing either. Having bodacious jugs can come at a health risk. According to the FDA, silicon and saline breast implants have links to some cancers. Though breast cancer caused by implants is pretty rare, there are a lot of other issues that gigantic bosoms can cause including rashes, joint pain, swelling and limited movement. Also, it’s possible for a stiff whack to the chest to cause the implants to deflate or rupture which isn’t good for anybody.

Those could probably take a bullet and be fine …

The physical effects of large breast implants are obvious, but a lot of people don’t stop to consider WHY a woman would like to artificially enhance her figure.  Some research shows a link between a desire for tremendous jugs and low self-esteem and other psychiatric disorders which explains why women with implants are three times more likely to die from alcohol use, or to commit suicide.

Though according to the study, older women are more interested in breast reduction surgery than younger women, the desire for a cartoonishly large bust line is becoming increasingly passé. For the average woman, natural is better.

Victoria Beckham recently wrote a letter to her younger self after having breast reduction surgery to shrink her chest from a 34DD to an A cup and in it, she noted that she regretted increasing her bust line, writing “I should probably say, don’t mess with your boobs.”

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