Are You Offended? Internet Turns On Ellen After Tweeting This Usain Bolt Joke

After Usain Bolt’s big Olympic gold medal win this past Sunday, the internet had a lot of fun with the picture depicting Bolt literally mid-run with a big smile on his face knowing the award would be his. In fact, we made a collection of the 14 best memes that came from that photo earlier this week. Ellen DeGeneres decided to join in on the fun with her own meme, however her tweet literally blew up in her face after people deemed it to be, well, just inappropriate. What do you think?

The tweet depicted the same image of Usain, only with Ellen riding piggyback above the text “This is how I’m running errands from now on. #Rio2016”, an obvious joke about how Usain Bolt is literally the fastest man in the world. A joke that apparently needed to be explained to the mass amounts of people that use the internet.

Ellen, despite what people think of her, started as a stand up comedian in an era when really nothing was off limits. Today is a different story, because now everyone can send their opinion to you directly thanks to Twitter. And every offended opinion matters, especially to working comedians who would like to keep their jobs and don’t want to get fired based on some stupid joke. We’re looking at you Gilbert Gottfried.

Luckily there were enough people like the man below who realized that everyone was taking Ellen’s image a little too seriously.

Prooooobably not.

Ellen eventually had to cave in and tweet an apology to anyone willing to put their torches down for five seconds.

Personally, I just find piggyback rides awkward and uncomfortable and for that I am highly offended by this stance on being Pro-Piggyback Rides. Who’s with me?! LET’S BAN ALL PIGGYBACK RIDES!


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