Are You Offended? Man's Christmas Decorations Gets Him Arrested

It’s actually kind of fun to drive around various neighborhoods and see all of the cool decorations people have put up for the Christmas season. Some go with the classy white lights, some go with the classic colored lights with a few blow up figures in the yard and some like to just have a vulgar word plastered on the side of their home. Is it a Christmas decoration or did this person think it was the perfect time of year to put up their favorite swear word for all to enjoy? Regardless of the reason (which unfortunately remains to be known), the neighbors and police weren’t too pleased with it.

Steve McGawley decided to do things a little differently this year and instead of going with “Peace on Earth” or simply an image of Santa, he decided to use his twinkling blue lights to depict a penis and balls alongside the word “cunt”. Sure, it’s creative. Points for that. But the neighbors near the home felt it was just a little too off-putting for their kids to see.

One neighbor said, “It is unacceptable; children will go past this house and see this and think this is acceptable. It isn’t.” Another neighbor said, “What does amaze me is some people find this acceptable. All it does is show how low morality in this country can go. A lack of respect for neighbours and people in general.”

And that’s when the cops arrived after receiving calls stating that McGawley’s lights were just too obscene. Surely McGawley saw this one coming.

When the police arrived, McGawley refused to open the door, speaking to the officers from his second story window. The police informed him that if he didn’t remove the obscene decorations, he would be arrested for public order offense. McGawley responded with “I’m not taking the lights down – it’s too late to take them down. I’ve took them down I don’t know how many times now.”


Lucky for you, the entire arrest was caught on video because that makes this kind of story that much more fun. Especially since the man who put up the lights recorded the police encounter himself.

McGawley eventually called the cops’ bluff and said he’d rather be arrested than take the lights down. The cops did arrest him and slapped him with a $111 fine.


This dude trolled his neighborhood hard but can’t really tell if it was worth it or not. Probably not if you have to go to jail over it.

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