Ariana Grande Announced The Date And Location Of Her Manchester Benefit Concert

Ariana Grande


We’ve already stopped talking about the 22 people who died leaving an Ariana Grande concert and the 90 people who died earlier this week and the 31 people who died while they were enjoying ice cream on Tuesday, because if you haven’t heard by now, Donald Trump spelled a word funny. LOL, man, white terrorists sure do need to step their game up! I thought they were supposed to be the superior race? Not buying it, guys!  Luckily, Ariana Grande is still trying to help instead of just tweeting about it for a day then being outraged about a color of a cup or a white girl in corn rows or whatever the moral crisis is this week.



Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry are also scheduled to perform, so I understand how might make some people torn on the outcome of this show. But let’s make one thing clear: If you’re blaming Ariana Grande or referencing “karma” for anything that happened in Manchester, you’re garbage and people hate you. Not just terrorists. Now we have that out of the way, I totally understand the whole “don’t let hate divided us” thing. I do. It’s a very nice sentiment and sounds better than, “OMG Muslim terrorists are blowing shit up on the daily!”. I also understand that you probably want to make the case that they aren’t true Muslims. I get that. They most likely aren’t. But all that really matters is that they believe they are, so let’s all move on from that. Saying it over and over hasn’t really stopped anything. You could make the case that the West is bad so they have a right to be bad or something like that. I assume the people in the Philippines are bad, because 103 of them died last week. And that baby in Australia must have must have fired off a lot of drones, because it got killed in March. I understand that an insane white committing a hate crime in Portland probably plays better on the news than a global religious insurgency. Especially to Shaun King. Totally understandable. Anyway, let’s hope ISIS doesn’t use social media so they won’t see the exact date, time, and location of a benefit concert for the people they killed. Even if they did, I’m sure they’ll understand the importance of letting the families grieve and allowing those in attendance to not be divided by hate. They’ll probably just leave it alone.

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