Ariana Grande Is Giving Manchester Victims & Their Families Concert Tickets For Life

Ariana Grande


I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever heard an Ariana Grande song, but she’s hot and genuinely seems to want to help people. Taylor Swift is probably mad a terrorist didn’t blow up her concert, so she could be seen as a victim AND a charitable queen, but it happened to Ariana. Sorry, Taylor. Ariana is also now reportedly doing this. I say “reportedly” because this comes from Radar Online. They make a lot of shit up.

All of the families of those who were killed, as well as all of those injured, are being given Ariana Grande concert tickets for life,” a source close to the “Dangerous Woman” singer told Radar. “The tickets will include VIP seats and backstage passes. Ariana knows that there is nothing she can do to bring back those who were killed, but she is trying to give them as much support as she can.”

This is a pretty bold move, because it means Ariana Grande thinks her career will last a lifetime. Even if it doesn’t, all the people getting these tickets live in Europe. There’s a good chance they’ll get ran over by a white van walking down the street or get shredded by a suicide bomber while eating ice cream before Ariana’s 2018 summer tour. Then somebody else will have a benefit concert in Manchester. Or London. Or Paris. Man, people in Europe are racking up! It’ll be like Woodstock every week except with vigils!



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