Ariana Grande Manchester Benefit Concert Hosting Original Guests, Thousands of Frauds Busted

Ariana Grande Benefit Concert

Manchester Fans Get Tix

Ticketmaster Busts Frauds

6/1/2017 4:38 PM PDT

Exclusive Details

The Manchester bombing isn’t scaring off Ariana Grande‘s fans — most of them have claimed seats for this weekend’s One Love benefit show … despite the underhanded efforts of fakers.

Sources at Ticketmaster tell TMZ about 9,000 of 14,200 free tickets set aside for people who attended the Manchester show last month were issued. There are still thousands of more requests to sift through … including more than 10k requests which turned out to be frauds attempting to nab free tix.

One OG guest, Jessica Monk, tells us she’ll be at Ariana’s show this weekend. She admits she’s nervous — even with heightened security — but says this is her way of honoring the victims.

As we’ve reported — Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Usher, Coldplay and many more will join Ariana … with proceeds going to a fund for victims’ families.

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