Ariana Grande Sued — Your 'One Last Night' Is Just An ALL NIGHT Rip-off (AUDIO)


0823-ariana-grande-getty-02If the hook in Ariana Grande‘s hit song, “One Last Time,” sounds familiar that’s because she jacked it from a song that came out 2 years earlier … according to a new lawsuit.

Songwriter Alex Greggs says he wrote, and holds the copyright on the 2012 tune, “Takes All Night” … an EDM track for Skye Stevens. In the suit, Greggs says Ariana and David Guetta — who produced “One Last Time” — duplicated the most memorable part of his song … the chorus!

Greggs is a heavy hitter, who’s worked with Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and both Jacksons — Janet and Michael — and says Ariana copied his music as well as lyrics, like … “take(s) [or taking] you home.”

He’s suing for a cut of the profits from AG’s track, a top 20 hit in 2014.

Go ahead and play juror … check out both tunes. 

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