Ariel Winter Had A Nip Slip In Her Holiday Photo And Christmas Just Came Early

We’ve said time and time again how we’re just huge fans here at Break of Ariel Winter. She’s the 18-year-old queen of Instagram and frankly we think she has a real bright future ahead of her. Especially if she keeps hanging out with other hot young actresses like Alexa Losey.

Yesterday, Winter was with Losey and friends to celebrate Losey’s birthday and of course they weren’t wearing sweat pants and tshirts for the occasion. The outfits were a bit skimpier than that one could say. You see where I’m going with this I hope.

Thanks to everyone’s need to share every picture they ever take ever, a lot of Losey’s birthday photos ended up on Instagram and other social media outlets. And when you’re in that much need for attention, you tend to overlook some possibly important details in your photos before posting them online for millions of people to see. Like, say, your nipple.

Ariel Winter is no stranger to going bra-less.

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It was when Winter and friends decided to get a few more photos thanks to the photo booth set up at the party, that the nipple show occured. Usually you can have your photos emailed to you immediately and then upload to Instagram and so on within seconds. Add a little too much fun that night and well, one probably wouldn’t notice that you just had a nip slip and the camera lens caught.

Here’s the first photo Ariel took with her buddies.

The next photo however spotted a little bit more.

Of course Ariel Winter is front and center one the image revealing her nip. A warning of caution to your emotions, she’s not full blown topless in the image. It’s just a peak, folks!

One can’t help but remember that Seinfeld episode when Kramer took a nice photo portait of Elaine for her holiday card, but only after she sent the card out to her friends and family she noticed she herself had a nip slip that neither she nor Kramer caught until it was too late.

Hey, it happens. And when you work in the world of sitcoms (she’s been on Modern Family since 2009), sometimes life imitates art, right? Merry Christmas, everyone!

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